Brisk Mandarin Fish Farming

Mandarin fish living in rivers, lakes and reservoirs of Korea is a carnivorous fish belonging to Serranidae. It has a good taste and high nutritive value.

The Thaechon County Breed Fish Farm has already succeeded in the production of young mandarin fish and on its basis, it is revitalizing the mandarin fish farming.

The farm has strengthened its own technical force and brought the creative initiative of its employees into full play to invent and introduce valuable fish farming techniques.

It has solved problems arising in the production of young mandarin fish with the help of researchers of a relevant unit and built water filtering room and boiler for ensuring water quality and temperature, making a contribution to the normalization of production.

It has also put efforts into securing mandarin fish and feed fish breeds, thus producing young mandarin fish and feed fry more than the same period of last year.

Some time ago, the officials and employees of the farm stocked Lake Thaechon with over 25,000 young mandarin fish and a lot of feed fish. They are now working harder to increase the marine resources by pooling collective wisdom with scientists.

Categories: Aquaculture, Narrated

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