76th Anniversary of National Liberation Celebrated

The people in the DPRK significantly celebrated the 76th anniversary of the national liberation.

On the occasion of the Day of National Liberation people entered the square of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the supreme temple of Juche, where the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are laid in state and paid noble respects to their smiling portraits.

Visitors to the Arch of Triumph expressed their boundless reverence for the great leader Kim Il Sung who liberated the country and set a world-historic model of the national liberation struggle in colonial countries by leading the great anti-Japanese war to victory.

Working people, service personnel of the People’s Army and school youth and children visited the Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery on Mt. Taesong and paid respects to the martyrs.

That day, the DPRK flags were hoisted and peculiar visual aids increased the festive mood in streets of the capital city and in major places of the provinces, while colorful performances were given at the theatres across the country.

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