The Snowstorm in the Tianqiaoling Mountains

There were a lot of harsh trials and difficulties beyond human imagination in pages of the history of the 20-year-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle. They were the enemy’s persistent pursuit, the bloody battles lasting several times a day, the intense cold frozen to the bone, severe food shortage and the fight against horrible diseases.

However, the anti-Japanese guerrillas overcame all the difficulties in firm unity behind the great leader Kim Il Sung, looking forward to the victory day.

Late in January Juche 24 (1935), less than three years after the formation of the Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Army, Kim Il Sung led 50 to 60 men to march in the direction of Tianqiaoling mountains.

Snowstorm and biting cold blocked their way and the men were threatened by the enemy’s persistent pursuit and the horrible difficulties of obtaining food. Only 16 of tens of men were left.

When they were passing the crisis of trials with difficulty, Kim Il Sung, who was leading the ranks in the van, was laid up with a serious illness all of a sudden.

The men felt gloomy at the crossroads of life and death; whether the Korean revolution would be given up in the snowstorm of the Tianqiaoling mountains or they would be alive to keep making the revolution.

In the biting cold, high fever and semi-conscious condition, Kim Il Sung thought first of the destiny of the country and the fellow countrymen groaning trampled underfoot by the Japanese imperialists, before himself.

Recollecting that time, he said: “History had not yet given us the right to die. If we became a handful of dirt without fufilling our duty to history and the times, we would be unfilial sons not only to our families, but also to the nation that gave us birth and brought us up. We would never be unfilial sons.”

In a poetic thought which suddenly flashed in upon him, Kim Il Sung expressed his resolute will to rise at any cost to save the revolution and rescue the country and people in distress.

Louder is the sound of Japanese combat boots
Trampling upon our lovely land
Humiliating tens of millions of our people
Murdering, plundering and committing arson.
… … …

Kim Il Sung dictated the words of the song to a soldier and sang the song together with him.

All of his men sang it together.

The “Song of the Anti-Japanese War” resounded through the snowstorm in the Tianqiaoling mountains. It infused the soldiers with the faith and principle of a revolutionary that they have no right to die before they liberate the country and also with the indomitable spirit that they should fight out against the brigandish Japanese imperialists.

The anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters brought the day of national liberation with the faith and spirit given by Kim Il Sung.

Through the study tour of the anti-Japanese battle sites, the Korean people experience the great difficulties and trials undergone by the fighters to follow their indomitable revolutionary spirit.

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