Girl Silk Reelers

The Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill is increasing the production of silk thread. At the production sites, girls are working hard to learn after the old skilled workers.

Silk reeler Kim Sun Mi says: “I seem to see my bygone days in those girls. I want to value and praise them.”

The girls are devoting their wisdom and passion to carry out their assignments ahead of schedule.

Among them is silk reeler Jong Su Yong.

Though she has a short career in the mill, she made strenuous efforts to handle her machine skilfully and produce more silk thread like the old skilled workers. She never left her machine during the spare time and break of work to improve her skill.

She has now become a skilled worker capable of undertaking many spindles and machines thanks to her tireless efforts and love of the collective.

In April, she carried out her assignment for the first year of the five-year plan for national economic development and now is making efforts to fulfil her assignments for two years.

Following her example, many girls are playing an important role in the production of silk thread by learning from experiences and helping and leading each other forward.

At present, more than 20 girls have implemented their yearly plans in the mill and they are followed by other producers.

Jong Su Yong says: “It is my aim to fulfil my assignments for three years by the end of this year. I will work harder in my youth like Kil Hwak Sil, a heroine produced by our mill in the Chollima era, and thus make an active contribution to the prosperity of the country.”

Jong Su Yong is effecting constant innovations, always thinking how to produce more silk thread.

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