The Cuban People Will Surely Emerge Victorious in Their Struggle to Firmly Uphold the Banner of Socialism

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
July 22, Juche 110 (2021)

Recently, a grave situation developed as the massive anti-government protests were held in several regions of Cuba. In response to this, mass rallies were organized in the capital city Havana and other cities to overpower the anti-government protests which had opposed the revolutionary government and to condemn the hostile forces in their attempts to interfere in internal affairs of Cuba.

More than 100, 000 citizens gathered in the mass rally which was staged in the capital city Havana in the presence of Army General Raul Castro and President Miguel Diaz-Canel. All the participants demanded that the U.S. blockade against Cuba be lifted immediately, which had stood as a main obstacle to the Cuba’s development for the past 60 years.

At the press conference, Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Republic of Cuba, condemned the recent protests as outcomes of behind-the-scene moves by the U.S. coupled with its persistent anti-Cuba blockade scheming to obliterate socialism and the revolution. In the meantime, he categorically rejected the rebellious elements to incite discontent among the citizens by distorting the situation of the pandemic in Cuba and to disrupt the unity of the people. He also clarified his will to continue to move along the path of socialist construction chosen by the Cuban people themselves.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel, in his speech to the mass rally, denounced the non-conventional war maneuvers of the U.S. which is aimed at crippling the Cuban revolution as well as acts of threatening national security of Cuba. He appealed in an excited tone to the participants as follows:

The Cuban revolution has always got rid of the seeds of evil and hatred, dishonor and crime. The citizens should not try to meet their demands by means of violence, rather they should squarely see the truth and positively retain bravery and honesty, the heart that loves justice and honor, and optimism, all of which are characteristic of the Cuban people. He also called for all the participants to devote their hearts to the common cause while saying that the people’s unity is the strength that can safeguard the sovereignty and develop the country.

Mass rallies took place in succession not only in the capital city Havana, but also in many cities all over the country calling upon the people to support the revolution and safeguard the state constitution while denouncing the blockade against Cuba by the U.S. All this has dealt a severe blow to the hostile forces.

In the protracted period of 60-odd years, the road was not smooth enough for the Cuban people to carry on the revolution. It went through arduous times of struggle beating off tough sanctions and blockade as well as the challenges and obstructive attempts by the hostile forces. In this process, the Cuban people have firmly defended the gains of socialism and revolution achieved at the cost of their blood.

Today, the revolutionary cause of Supreme Commander Fidel Castro and Army General Raul Castro, the historical leaders of the Cuban Revolution, is carried forward by President Miguel Diaz-Canel who was elected with full support and trust of the Cuban people.

Recently, the UN General Assembly adopted again a resolution calling for lifting economic, trade and financial sanctions on Cuba by the U.S. This is a reflection of the universal voice of the international society.

The progressive peoples of many countries around the world categorically denounce and reject the U.S. in its attempts to interfere in internal affairs of a sovereign state, and express full support to and solidarity with the Cuban people in their righteous struggle for achieving socio-political stability.

As long as the Cuban people uphold Fidel’s idea, rely on the people rallied round the revolution and remain unchanged in their commitment to the slogan “Fatherland or death, we will win!”, they will surely achieve victory in their struggle to smash the U.S. attempts to interfere in internal affairs, tide over the present difficult situation and firmly uphold the banner of socialism.

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