For the Health of Villagers

Songnim-ri is a mountainous village in Koksan County, North Hwanghae Province.

Here is the hometown of Ri Jong Ik, head of the Songnim-ri Polyclinic, who has markedly reduced the mortality rate from diseases for over two decades and brought patients suffering from incurable diseases back to life by applying the traditional Koryo therapy.

From his childhood, he was very envious of medical workers.

So, he majored in medical science and became a doctor as he wished.

It was his duty to give publicity to the hygienic information, treat frequent patients and walk tens of miles to pay a sick call on patients.

Sometimes he found himself unequal to his task, but he has never put off or given up his duty.

He rendered active services to raising the technical level of polyclinic to that of a hospital, and made achievements in completely curing the patients suffering from obstinate diseases by applying traditional Koryo therapy.

Two years ago, he was suddenly seized with anemia. There was no a special medicine for this endemic disease.

At that time, he was not pessimistic about the disease but began to delve into the documents relating to classical medicine and his experience based on Koryo therapy. At last, he succeeded in developing a unique Koryo medicine, which saved not only him but several other patients from the jaws of death.

He has devoted his sincerity for the treatment of patients suffering from such diseases as cerebral thrombosis and hemorrhage, hypertension, optic atrophy, high myopia and sequela of meningitis, by means of Koryo therapy.

He says it is the goal of his life to make his villagers lead a happy life free from diseases.

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