Faster and More

The Kaechon Area Coal-Mining Complex is putting greater spurs to the coal production in the spirit of having finished its first half-yearly plan ahead of schedule.

Manager Kim Se Sik says:

“Now the tunneling result is greatly increasing. Another more coal fields with large deposits will be made in the near future.”

The shifts help each other and try to learn after others and overtake them. They are also swapping their experiences.
After setting a high production goal, the colliers of the complex are inciting the zeal for competition between the units all the more.

The coal mines have enhanced the performance of the compressors and made an effective use of the loaders and coal wagons, increasing the coal production. The heading workers are speeding up the tunnelling speed per hour to create more reserve coal fields. The coal miners boost the output, overfulfilling their daily production plan by 10 percent.

The Pongchon Coal Mine increases the proportion of the face work done by machines and do proper management of equipment and technical management, further boosting the productivity.

The Joyang Coal Mine has introduced a rational blasting method. It is saving the materials, shortening the tunnelling time and raising the utilization of the coal wagons in different transporting conditions to carry the mined coal without delay.

The repairs and maintenance field has invented and introduced valuable technical innovation proposals and fully ensured tens of kinds of accessories, materials and tools including the coal wagon wheels, laying the material and technical foundations to increase the coal production.

It is a unanimous desire of the colliers of the complex to quicken the tunnelling speed to expand the reserve coal fields and increase the efficiency of the transporting system and thus mine a larger quantity of coal faster.

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