Make People Estimate

All things are estimated by people in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

This happened last year when new dwelling houses were built in a number of regions hit by natural disasters.

On September 14, the respected Kim Jong Un visited the rehabilitated Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County of North Hwanghae Province.

Looking round the dwelling houses and public buildings, he said with pleasure that they had been built clean, neatly and perfectly within and without.

He asked time and again if the farmers like them and said: I am really happy to hear that they like them. I am sure that our Party has done a great job.

When he called at the site of damage rehabilitation under construction in Kimhwa County of Kangwon Province on October 1, Kim Jong Un was told that the local people are happy with the houses not to come down even if the sky were to fall and said: I am glad to hear that the people liked them. I am encouraged by their frank and candid voices. The estimation of the new dwelling houses should also be got from the people.

On October 13, he gave field guidance to the site of damage rehabilitation in the Komdok area of South Hamgyong Province.

He said the conscience and hidden efforts of the soldier-builders for housing construction will be recognized and estimated by the people who will live in those houses.

When people, the owners of houses, say they like them, it can be said that they had been built really well. This is the intention of Kim Jong Un.

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