Difference Between “I” and “We”

The employees of the Pyongyang Leather Shoes Factory usually say: “I alone couldn’t do it.” “We did it by pooling our wisdom and passion.”

Until a few years ago, they thought it is only some technicians’ job to develop new products.

But officials of the factory found defects in their work through the national footwear exhibitions held in recent years.

Comparison with products of other factories and strict estimation by people were showing that the factory’s development of new products failed to be done on a high level.

The factory converted the development of new products into a mass work, so that all the employees could take part in it.

The product exhibitions held by workshops every month served as an important occasion in arousing the enthusiasm of the producers.

Technical workers examined in detail which is new and can be favoured by people among the designs presented by producers before introducing it into production.

They also organized work properly for the technicians to closely cooperate with the workteam heads and skilled workers in the production site.

In the course, new products were developed as fast as more than 1.5 times and technical issues solved in the brightener production process and the method of producing glue with leather by-products.

Chief Engineer Pak Yong Chan says:

“In the past, new products were developed only by some technicians. But now not only technicians but also workers are taking part in the development of new products.”

The “Nalgae”-trademarked leather shoes produced by the Pyongyang Leather Shoes Factory become popular day by day.

The famous goods which are favoured by the people and can represent the factory are not a result of technical workers or a few producers but a product of the creative wisdom and passion of all the employees. Herein lies the difference between “I” and “we”.

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