College Established During the War

The three-year-long Korean War was fought in the 1950s. A university was established during the war.

One day in January Juche 40 (1951), when the war was at its height, the great leader Kim Il Sung visited a factory.

The factory was in a mess. Building materials and machinery were insufficient. Worse still, it was short of skilled workers and technicians.

Having acquainted himself with the factory in detail that day, Kim Il Sung presented a way for it to train managerial staff, technicians and skilled workers by itself.

He said: Workers can produce at the factory in the daytime and study at school in the evening. Of course, it is not easy to do so during the war. But they should do it. Only then, is it possible to hasten the final victory of the war and rehabilitate the destroyed economy rapidly after the war.

I intend to recall some of the combatants fighting on the front and make them study at a college. I will also recall those who had been working at this factory. It is necessary to set up a college in the form of branch of the then Pyongyang College of Technology, where they can learn while working.

It was unimaginable to set up the factory college at the time when everything should be mobilized for the victory of the war and to recall combatants and send them to the college when even a soldier was badly needed on the front.

Kim Il Sung visited the factory again to learn in detail about the preparations for setting up the college and take measures to send teachers recalled from the front to the factory college first.

This is how the first factory college, a new-type college of learning while working, was set up on July 15, Juche 40 (1951) and it was the origin of the study-while-working higher educational system.

70 years has passed since the establishment of the first factory college. Today, working people of Korea are involved in the online education to prepare themselves as those of intellectual type.

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