Department Store Attributes Success Partly to Mass-Based Artistic Activities

The employees of Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 have a strong attachment to their work.

“Affection and fine sentiments enable us to do more work than a sense of responsibility,” said Kim Mi Yong, deputy manager of the department store. “We have been able to become a harmonious and successful unit partly thanks to the singing contest.”

The store conducts mass artistic activities on a regular basis, and the frequently arranged singing contest among its divisions is at a considerably high level.

It is participated in by the manager, deputy manager and all employees.

The store focuses on such team events as group singing and small chorus, instead of the individual one. In such events, harmony cannot be achieved without bringing about a cordial understanding among team members.

“Everyone is enthusiastic and active in singing practice. The common aspiration for winning the contest motivates them to try hard to achieve vocal ensemble and improve performance after a day’s work and, in the course of this, the unity and harmony of the collective are promoted,” said staffer Kim Kyong Jin.

Their workplace always brims with vitality and vigour for the lively singing, and they enter the national singing contest of working people with the songs they practise.

The store began to distinguish itself in such contests some 20 years ago.

According to Kim Kyong Jin, it won several contests of the mass-based art sector, including the national singing contest of working people in 2000, the national folk song and traditional instrumental music chorus contest in 2004 and national folk music contests of the mass art sector in 2017 and 2019. They won ensemble and technique prizes respectively with songs A Bumper Harvest in the Chongsan Plain and Song of Big Hauls in the Sea as all of them sang the songs with gusto while playing national musical instruments.

“Although we are not farmers and fishermen who reap a bumper crop in farm fields and who make a big haul in the sea, we get immense pleasure in seeing happy customers who smile at us after buying an armful of goods. Our business goes well, which is attributable to the employees’ attachment to their job and shared love,” said manager Pak Yong Sil.

At the mass art contest which was held across the country to mark the Day of the Sun last April, the contestants from the store also won enthusiastic applause from spectators.

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