Warm-Hearted Community Office Chief

Rim Tae Sun (pictured, center), head of the office of Kwangbok-dong No. 1 in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, is called by residents “Our motherly dong (neighborhood) office head”.

The 50-year-old always keeps a pocket notebook and frequently looks at it. It contains detailed information including the birthdays of war veterans and honoured disabled soldiers in the lowest administrative area in her charge and every problem arising in the living of residents.

Her day’s work begins with hearing from heads of neighbourhood units about the opinions of residents.

“The demands of residents are not simple opinions. These tell me and other dong officials what we should do. Therefore we should never neglect every opinion of them,” Rim says.

Thanks to her painstaking efforts, playgrounds were rebuilt around neighborhood units and village environment spruced up in recent years.

Playgrounds were upgraded to suit juvenile minds, beautiful flowers are in full bloom on flowerbeds and villages are neat and clean.

“Her mind is always on improving the dong work,” said Kim Yong Suk, head of a neighborhood unit.

Rim always busies herself among residents resolving their troubles as she shares joy and sorrow with them.

Most recently, she helped a family in a neighbourhood unit with their house repair.

On the morning of New Year’s Day, she together with dong officials visited a war veteran’s house with tonics. And not long ago, she congratulated a newly-married couple, giving them daily necessities as presents.

There are many other such stories about her.

As she always takes the lead in undertaking difficult and arduous tasks and devotes her all to the good of residents, they first call on Rim whenever they celebrate happy events or experience difficulties.

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