New Model Aircraft

The Pyongyang City Aviation Club designs and makes model aircraft needed for training and contests by itself every year and organizes exhibitions and test flights to improve the model aircraft-manufacturing technology.

What caught the eyes of the experts at the exhibition and test flight held in May last was a free flight engine-propelled model plane with folding wings and a radio-controlled aerobatic model plane.

The free flight engine-propelled model plane that adopted high technologies of designing and manufacturing takes a short time to have the altitude and its gliding performance is good.

In the test flight, the radio-controlled aerobatic model plane perfectly performed the takeoff, horizontal flight, vertical flight and landing, proving that it was manufactured to meet all the technological demands of flight wonderfully.

Those model planes were made through the introduction of the recycling technology.

Coach Kim Sok Yong who made the free flight engine-propelled model plane said the model aircraft exhibition and test flight showed well the high enthusiasm of the sportspeople who have turned out to implement the first-year tasks of the five-year plan presented at the Second Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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