Manager Racks Her Brain to Provide Customers with Better Service

The number of customers visiting the Undok Health Complex in Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, has continued to increase in recent years. “I have been having a haircut and bath here in the complex since last year, and there are many other regulars at the complex,” said Jo Song Hwan, resident of Sangmae-dong in the city.

The complex is furnished with various service facilities including a barber’s, beauty salon, massage room, bathhouse, swimming pool and photo studio.

“Customers are fond of drinking refreshing beer at the beverage stand after having a haircut and sauna,” said staffer Ri Kyong Sim.

According to her, the complex became a favourite haunt of citizens thanks to the efforts of manager Jang Hye Yong (pictured).

Three years ago when Jang was promoted to the manager of the complex from a worker, the inside and outside of its buildings and service conditions failed to meet the requirements of the developing times.

“Residents of this inland city longed to bathe in the sea. Looking at citizens going to other areas for sea bathing in summer, I made up my mind to build a nice swimming pool,” Jang recalled.

With the backing of a local government organ, she buckled down to building a distinctive swimming pool. She visited several modern pools and conducted painstaking search and speculation, thus completing an over 700-square-metre swimming pool equipped with beach environment in six months.

At the pool there is a large mural depicting the vast sea with rolling blue waves and the floor and walls of the pool are decorated with sea fish, seaweed and the like. And the wading pool is equipped with shower bath and ultrasonic water jet facilities and a slide.

The wading pool was built following the construction of the swimming pool and the environment and conditions of the complex improved with the building of the bathhouse, beauty salon, barber shop and massage room.

According to coiffeuse Ri Ok Ran, the manager always gives priority to the demand and convenience of clients and often says that the harder we work, the greater pleasure they can get. Such a mind enabled the complex to be favoured by the citizens, Ri added.

Jang’s mind is always filled with the thought of improving its environment and service.

She is now planning to build a facility for hot bath resembling a hot spring bath on the balcony on the first floor.

This will enable people to take a hot bath in the natural environment even in winter.

“We have still a lot to do in order to provide welfare service to meet the people’s changing cultural aesthetic taste,” said Jang Hye Yong.

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