Home for Children

Children’s Union camps have been built in all scenic places of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

There is the Mangyongdae Children’s Union Camp at the foot of Mt. Ryongak, a pride of Pyongyang.

Mt. Ryongak resembles a dragon ready to fly up to the sky. It is a celebrated mountain called Mt. Kumgang in Pyongyang for its beautiful scenery.

The Mangyongdae Children’s Union Camp established more than 60 years ago has been rebuilt in Juche 105 (2016).

Three towering buildings are facing the south in good harmony with surrounding high and low mountain peaks.

The campers like to enjoy themselves in the folk game room, the hall and the library, where they can lead a cultural and emotional life and acquire rich knowledge.

The cosy restaurant on the lake was designed to make one feel as if dining on a ship. There is a cooking practice room where the campers can cook rice and various kinds of foods by themselves.

The camp has also an animal shed, boating-ground and outdoor swimming pool. Seen in the swimming pool are a diving tower and water slide in good harmony with the natural scenery.

The path from the buildings to the restaurant was roofed so that the campers can travel rain or shine.

Everything has been built to the convenience of the schoolchildren and according to their minds.

The respected Kim Jong Un visited the rebuilt Mangyongdae Children’s Union Camp on June 3, Juche 105(2016).

Walking the campus of the camp, he said: I can see many trees and beautiful scenery. In our country we have homes for the children such as the Children’s Union camps in the best places. It is just for the children that we are making revolution overcoming all the manifold difficulties and trials. We should provide them with the happiest life so that the song “We Are the Happiest in the World” could be sung forever.

All people are pleased and the whole country becomes brighter along with the laughter and songs from the happy homes for children built in the best places on this land.

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