Premier Kim Tok Hun Understands Agricultural Work of South Hwanghae Province

Kim Tok Hun, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Premier of the Cabinet of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, understood the agricultural work of South Hwanghae Province on the spot.

Going round the co-op farms in a number of counties including Anak, Sinchon, Jaeryong, Sinwon, Pyoksong, Samchon and Songhwa Counties, he had a detailed understanding of the present farming conditions including rice-transplantation and met agricultural workers and helpers to encourage them.

Touching on the importance of farming this year in implementing the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress, he called for doing qualitative weeding with the mobilization of manpower and means without slackening the high spirit of having finished rice-transplanting in the main area of fields.

He stressed the need to take foresighted measures for ensuring the stability and sustained development of the agricultural production to cope with the disastrous climate including typhoon and flood and for correctly enforcing the field-responsibility-system under the sub-workteam management system so that the farmers can do farming with the attitude of a master with high interest in production.

Consultative meetings held on the spot took measures for the leading agricultural officials of provinces, cities and counties to properly plan and guide farming with keen awareness that South Hwanghae Province plays a big role in the grain production of the state and to establish scientific cultivation methods according to farming processes.

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