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Apps for Smartphones Immensely Helpful to Life

As the application of smartphones widens, software for different uses is developed to provide more convenience to people’s living.

The recently developed app on general baby healthcare knowledge tells users the basic knowledge of upbringing of children under three, symptoms to which they are susceptible and data related to relevant treatments, winning growing popularity among parents.

Images of the app show in detail the massage methods, major nutrients in breast milk, breastfeeding postures, methods of washing babies and healthcare after a bath, skin care for the newborn, health gymnastics and the like. Its data also illustrates typical symptoms and relevant first-aid treatments.

The diabetes prevention and control support program is helpful to the disease control for patients and its prevention for healthy people.

The app contains data in a systematized way on exercise regimes, the quantity of exercises according to occupation, age and physical conditions and the kinds and quantity of foods needed for nourishment.

If users input personal information into the kinesitherapy item, the app displays their daily quantity of exercises to enable them to set the daily exercise quantity by selecting exercise item, time and cycle by themselves.

It also fixes the quantity of foods to be taken by each user at each meal.

Based on the collected information, it graphically shows the users’ health conditions classified by week, month and quarter and carries out a diabetes risk assessment to show the probability of contracting the disease and preventive measures.

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