Experiences in Cultivation Encouraged

Good experiences are exchanged in many vegetable producers in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to boost the greenhouse vegetable production onto a high level.

In particular, a number of agricultural production units in Pyongyang City are actively introducing cultivation methods suited to their actual conditions to put the greenhouse vegetable production on a highly scientific and intensive basis.

The Mangyongdae District Vegetable Greenhouse is growing crops in a three-dimensional way by using spaces in each section of the greenhouse, making achievements in the greenhouse vegetable production.

The Jangchon Vegetable Cooperative Farm in Sadong District has distributed crops in a rational way to greatly increase the unit-area greenhouse vegetable production.

The employees of the farm are intercropping while growing saplings in an escalated way, enhancing the effectiveness in the use of soil and increasing the yield.

The Jungdan Vegetable Cooperative Farm in Rangnang District is directing efforts to the environment management and the manuring and cultivation. The farm is making an effective use of the sunlight to provide full temperature for the growth of crops.

Staff member Kim Kwang Myong says:

“We’ve fully matured self-sufficing manure including chicken and duck excrements before transplanting the saplings to apply more than 30 tons per hectare, making it possible to increase the content of organic substances of the soil.

Light, temperature and content of organic substances are full enough to grow all crops well including the fruit vegetables and green vegetables.”

The rational cultivating methods applied at a number of vegetable producers in Pyongyang City are a good experience for many units to increase the greenhouse vegetable production.

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