Foreign Affairs

General Secretary Kim Jong Un Greets Raul Castro Ruz

The respected Kim Jong Un sent a message of greetings to Raul Castro Ruz.

The message reads:


Esteemed Raul Castro Ruz

I send sincere congratulations and warm comradely greetings to you on your birthday.

Long ago you waged a bloody struggle with arms in your hand together with Fidel Castro Ruz, the eternal leader of the Cuban revolution, making a distinguished contribution to achieving the freedom and liberation of the Cuban people. Over the past decades you have victoriously led the struggle of the Communist Party of Cuba and the Cuban people to firmly defend and glorify the sovereignty and dignity of the country and the gains of the revolution while overcoming all trials and tempest of history.

I am greatly rejoiced over the fact that the sacred cause of the Cuban revolution started and led by Fidel Castro Ruz and Raul Castro Ruz all their lives are still firmly carried forward and vigorously advanced.

Our Party and people always remember and highly appreciate that you have made a great contribution to strengthening and developing the genuine comradely unity and friendly and cooperative relations between our two parties and two countries on the road of struggle for accomplishing the anti-imperialist, independent cause and the socialist cause.

I wholeheartedly wish good health and happiness to you, a veteran of the Cuban revolution and an intimate friend and revolutionary comrade-in-arms of the Korean people.

Kim Jong Un

June 3, Juche 110 (2021)

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