More and More People Eager to Quit Smoking

There has been growing trend for quitting smoking in the DPRK since the adoption of the smoking prohibition law last year.

“It is noticeable that more and more people volunteer to quit smoking,” said Ri Hui Gyong, head of the Tobacco Cessation Centre.

The anti-smoking activity is not a technical matter confined to individuals, but mass work that should be undertaken by every citizen, she said, adding that gone are the days when tobacco was regarded as belonging to luxury goods or as a show or diversion.

Photos showing such smoking-related illnesses as spontaneous gangrene, lip cancer and cataract and printed matter are put up at smoking places to inform people of the harmfulness of smoking and encourage them to take an active part in smoking cessation activities.

“The printed matter telling about the harm of smoking is so edifying I made up my mind to give up smoking,” said Kim Un Chol living in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

He said he started smoking when young to show off himself as a grown-up, but now he would quit it to show that he is a real adult.

Among the increasing numbers of visitors to the Tobacco Cession Centre there are not only the smokers who want to stop smoking, but also the non-smokers who want to help their smoking husbands and children quit it.

The centre also sells the smoke-quitters’ nutrition pill conductive to beating nicotine addiction, honey locust tea, drink made from Amur cork and Sophora angustifolia and various other smoking cessation products and health foods and distributes the no-tobacco sign, notices and various health warning pictures.

“All the people are required to take an active part in smoking cessation activities for their own health, harmony of their families and the building of civilized society in keeping with the increasing trend for smoking cessation,” said Kim Ok Rim, doctor at the centre.

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