A New History of Mariculture

Mariculture active in many maritime countries is an important sector of the present-day maritime industry. What is fundamental today is the breeding of salmon which is very high in the economic effectiveness, gives good taste and is of high nutritive value.

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea seabound on three sides, the offshore salmon breeding started at the Songmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm and the Raksan Offshore Salmon Farm on the East Sea of Korea.

The Songmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm conducts salmon hatching and breeding of fry and sends them to the Raksan Offshore Salmon Farm.

The respected Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the Songmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm and the Raksan Offshore Salmon Farm in May Juche 104 (2015).

Looking at the full view of the pedigree farm, he said with satisfaction: I can see that they have buckled down to the work audaciously. It intuitively shows that they have made good preparations. It is necessary to set a higher goal on the basis of the successes.

At the Raksan Offshore Salmon Farm, he said with pleasure that a prospect of the offshore salmon breeding has opened and gave valuable instructions on making a greater success in the salmon breeding and fish processing.

That day, he said with great satisfaction: We came to have a confidence that we can make a success when we persistently push ahead with the offshore salmon breeding. Well begun is half done. As it made a good start, the farm should not give up the offshore salmon breeding halfway, but push ahead with it. I will help it to the best of my ability.

In July Juche 107 (2018) Kim Jong Un called at the Raksan Offshore Salmon Farm and the Songmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm again.

The Raksan Offshore Salmon Farm was expanding the successes it made in the first Atlantic salmon breeding in the East Sea of Korea.

He gave instructions on expanding the right water area to produce a larger quantity of the Atlantic salmon in many places, putting the production of processed salmon on a highly scientific, automated and modern basis and thoroughly ensuring the hygienic security and quality.

And he highly praised the Sokmak Atlantic Salmon Pedigree Farm for having done a lot of work for the past three years to modernize itself on a high level.

He expressed great satisfaction, saying: Now material and technical foundations for secure production of the Atlantic salmon have been fully laid and the level of scientification and modernization boosted onto a higher stage, making it possible to further revitalize the salmon breeding.

The new history of mariculture has opened thanks to the devoted service of Kim Jong Un for the people’s well-being.

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