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Spotlight: Anhwa Temple

Anhwa Temple at Mt. Songak in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was originally built in 930 by King Wang Kon (877-943), founder of Koryo, for the soul of his brother Wang Sin who died while fighting for the first territorial unification of the Korean nation.

The small Buddhist temple also known as Anhwasa just a few kilometers north of Kaesong became known even in foreign countries for its magnificent scenery and was frequented by several kings and queens of Koryo. Many people painted and composed poems at this beautiful spot.

Nestled in the side of the mountain, it is the sole temple in the entire Kaesong area to be damaged yet survive the U.S. bombing campaign during the war. It was restored by the state to most of its original beauty in 1989. It has Taeung Hall, Opaek Hall, and a dorm for the monks.

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