Foreign Affairs

Present and Future of Africa

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
May 25, Juche 110 (2021)

On the occasion of Africa Day, we once again extend firm support to and solidarity with the African people in their struggle for peace and stability, prosperity and development in the region.

Change of Africa in its appearance as a “rising continent” in a new century is a fruition of proactive struggle of African people who rose up under the banner of solidarity and cooperation.

This also has come out of the efforts by the African Union with 55 member states of 1.3 billion population and other important regional organizations, which have mapped out a common strategy for sustainable development of the continent and undergone a long historical journey for it.

Last February, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the newly-appointed Chairperson of the African Union pointed out in a speech that Africa should see its rebirth by strengthening independence and seeking a collective solution to the continental issues while saying that he would develop the African Union into the one serving for people.

Building on the successes gained in the course of joint struggle for prosperity of the continent i.e. official operation of the African Continental Free Trade Area, commencement of a Single African Air-Transport Market, completion of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme and the Infrastructure & Energy Initiatives, African countries are now directing their dynamic efforts to the implementation of AGENDA 2063 of the African Union.

Commentators say that economic integration being activated in African continent is a manifestation of the strong will of the countries in the region aspiring after unity and development. Such successes can also serve as an opportunity to reform the colonial economic system of the past, they say.

African people have gained precious achievements in regional integration with mutual support and cooperation, and they have been raising their voices in the international arena to advocate their independence. Such a struggle of theirs arouses deepest sympathy from our people and the world progressive people.

Their efforts to build Africa into an independent prosperous continent by realizing economic integration and achieving common development will certainly bear good results.

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