Science and Technology

Institute Makes Progress in Environmental Hygienic Research

“It is the desire of mankind to ensure clean environment. Our institute works intensively to comprehensively evaluate and predict the effects that air, water, soil and other environmental factors exert on human body,” said Jong Sang Hyon, director of the environmental hygienic institute at the Academy of Medical Sciences.

The institute developed a real-time atmospheric environment measuring device and introduced it into different industrial establishments and regions, and is working on research to establish the national atmospheric environment measuring system and health and influence appraisal system.

And it is exerting itself to make an immediate appraisal of environmental health influence in new industrial establishments and their vicinity.

It conducts the security test of various foodstuffs and additives that have been developed in the country.

It is saving reagents, labour and time as compared to previously by establishing the rapid testing method based on immunochromatography to this end, said Han Hyok Chol, staffer in charge of science.

In addition, it developed a real-time water quality measuring apparatus, as well as programs for evaluating environmental health risk, classifying additives for foodstuffs and establishing the safety management information system.

Among such achievements, scientific council which is held every week at the institute plays an important role.

Meanwhile, the institute, in collaboration with other units, is also pushing the research into and inspection of reference value by indices so as to map out national environmental appraisal standards scientifically and comprehensively.

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