Active Efforts to Conserve Bio-Diversity

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as a signatory to the Convention on Biological Diversity, is actively conserving the bio-diversity not only for the present generation but also for the future generations in combination with the national interests and the regional and international interests as well.

The DPRK adopted the “The DPRK Law on Protection of Useful Animals”, “The DPRK Law on Fishery” and “The DPRK Law on Natural Reserves”, providing a legal framework for conservation of bio-diversity. It has set the period between March and July as that for protecting useful animals and April and July as the months for conserving marine resources every year and the work is done as a national and public undertaking.

Biosphere reserves, natural reserves, animal and plant sanctuaries, migratory bird(wetland) reserves and fishery reserves have been established across the country and investigation, management and scientific researches are actively conducted on a normal basis.

The Zoology Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with organs concerned, has made an overall investigation of the wild animal sanctuaries across the country and analyzed and assessed the variety of animals and their living conditions. It is also promoting the work to set up new reserves in the areas with good conservation of bio-ecological system.

The Institute of the Central Botanical Garden is fully solving the technical problems arising in disseminating trees of good species such as Elaeagnus multiflora, Aronia melanocarpa and Sunan hawthorn.

In recent years it has made an active international cooperation for protecting migratory birds such as a joint investigation at major wetlands on the east and west coasts of Korea with experts of Germany, New Zealand and the International Union for the Protection of Nature.

The respected Kim Jong Un, in the report he made at the historic Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea held in January, clarified the tasks to steadily push ahead with the work to make a decisive progress in land development and ecological environment protection.

Measures are taken on a nationwide scale to carry out the tasks put forward by the Party Congress.
The DPRK will make more active efforts to conserve the bio-diversity.

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