513th Triplets Leave Pyongyang Maternity Hospital

Triplet daughters, who were born for the 513th time at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, left the hospital on the 24th amid the blessing of all people.

Their mother Ri Ok Son living in Sochon-dong, Sosong District of Pyongyang City recovered her health under the greatest medical assistance at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital thanks to the loving care of the motherly Workers’ Party of Korea shown to the women pregnant with some children and the benefits of the socialist public health system.

The babies, who were only 1.75, 1.85 and 1.38 kilograms heavy each at birth, weighed more than 4 kilograms just before leaving the hospital thanks to the sincerity of medical workers there.

Doctors and nurses warmly sent off the triplets and their mother leaving the hospital.

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