News Pieces

Video: Young People in Jagang Province Volunteer to Work in Labor-Consuming Sectors

Young people in Jagang Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea volunteer to work in difficult and labour-consuming sectors.

Hundreds of youngsters volunteered to work in key sectors of economic construction in the province, including the construction site of the third-stage project for remodelling Samjiyon City, collieries, mines and farm villages, and branch schools in mountain villages.

Young people in Kanggye and Huichon Cities and Songgan County joined the youth shock brigade with a loyal mind to make a contribution to sprucing up Samjiyon, a city near Mt. Paektu, the sacred mountain of the revolution.

Youth league officials and many other young people volunteered to work at cooperative farms and timber felling stations.

Discharged soldiers and students of the graduating classes of different universities including the Kanggye University of Education volunteered to work in key sectors of the socialist economic construction and schools in mountainous regions.

A meeting for congratulating them was held at the provincial art theatre on the 18th.

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