Technical Upgrading Leads to Increasing Production Capacity

Rim Kyong Jun, manager of the Educational Books Printing Plant, said: “Our plant’s development is inconceivable apart from the State’s education policy.”

The plant, established in Juche 37 (1948), has built up its material and technical foundations for exclusively producing textbooks and reference books to be supplied to students throughout the country.

In October last year, it updated all its production lines according to the State’s plan, thus turning itself into labour- and land-saving and technology-intensive entity.

Its overall production lines, ranging from the supply of materials to the plate-making, printing and bookbinding, are on a streamlined basis under the intellectual production system.

The system makes it possible for the plant to conduct its production and management activities in a more scientific and comprehensive way.

Modernization resulted in enhancing the operation efficiency of machines markedly as against the previous period.

The plant established a ventilation system and a process of recycling waste papers and collecting paper dust from the production process so as to ensure clean environment.

It is fully displaying its vitality by putting its business activities on an optimized basis.

Now, it is in a position to produce billions of pages of textbooks and reference books in hundreds of kinds a year while economizing in 35% of labour and doubling the output as against the previous years.

Chief engineer Mun Kwang Su said: “It is said that education is the mother of science. Accordingly, very important is the task of our plant as it engages in producing textbooks and reference books, the basic means of education. We are now faced with a task to promote the recycling while putting the overall production lines on a more modern basis.”

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