Street Gardeners

This spring, streets of the capital city of Pyongyang have been decorated with beautiful flowers.

The floricultural farm in Phyongchon District decorated streets with flowers from early spring.

“It naturally makes me happy whenever I find myself at the street which is decorated with a variety of flowers. Sometimes I’m enamoured of flowers on a flowerbed without knowing the passage of time,” said Ri Un Ha, resident living in Ponghak-dong, Phyongchon District.

Thanks to the redoubling efforts of employees at the farm, thousands of flower pots in dozen species including marigold, Primula polyantha cv and tricolour chrysanthemum lend their beauties to flowerbeds and flowerpot stands.

The farm also installed flowerbeds and flowerpot stands as well as mobile flowerpot stands at streets and parks in the district and adds special pleasure to pedestrians by designing original shapes of flowerpot stands.

“We spare no effort in not only choosing flower species but also designing flowerbeds and flowerpot stands in formative arts. When we see those admiring new and beautifully decorated flowerbeds and flowerpot stands, we are proud of our job,” said Sin Jong Nam, manager of the farm.

This year, the farm increased flowers in terms of variety and number and created flower gardens and beds in a fresh and distinctive way, Sin said, adding that they introduced a new floricultural technology and intensified flower gardening.

“People call us ‘gardeners’ who decorate streets with flowers. However, we are working with a mind that we foster the cultural and leisure activities of people, to say nothing of flowers and streets,” said Ryu Jin Hyang.

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