First Step for Strengthening the Whole Party

To consolidate the Workers’ Party of Korea as a whole by strengthening grass-roots organizations is a principle of its building inherent and unique to the Party.

Militancy of the grass-roots organizations is precisely that of the Party, and the first step, a shortcut to strengthening the whole Party lies in consolidating the grass-roots organizations.

Party cells are the lowest organizations of the WPK.

As an organic body can move actively when the cells forming it are strong, so the Party can be powerful when the cells forming it are strong.

The Central Committee of the WPK regards a conference of cell secretaries as important as a Party congress and directs much effort to ensuring it a success.

It is proved well by the Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK which was held for three consecutive days in April.

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, was present in the first- and third-day sittings of the conference for guidance.

At the conference he said it is the intention of the Party Central Committee to meet the cell secretaries across the Party at a regular interval, so as to discuss the cell work, guide and assist them and thereby consistently strive to strengthen the Party cells.

And he stated that the task of utmost importance in strengthening the Party cells at present is to turn them into healthy and viable ones closely knitted in the bonds of human feelings.

Declaring the conference closed, Kim Jong Un earnestly said: Our Party remains powerful and unflinching not because there exist its General Secretary or the Political Bureau and the Secretariat of its Central Committee but because there are its cells, combat units in direct charge of carrying out its lines and policies and grass-roots organizations, and its cell secretaries who have assumed responsibility for it.

The foundation of the Party can’t be enhanced by itself. It can be, importantly, consolidated as firm as a rock by the people’s confidence in the Party.

A Party cell is the main unit that makes relationship between the Party and the popular masses.

There are Party cells in all the regions and units of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ranging from the deep underground cutting faces to remote mountainous regions.

Through the Party cells people can feel the breath of the Party, hear its voice and see its feature.

When the Party cells are strong, the Party remains unperturbed even in any adversity and there’s nothing we fear and we cannot do. This is the will of General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

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