Foreign Affairs

Disgraceful Act to Freedom of Speech

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
May 18, Juche 110 (2021)

Mankind has a common desire and demand to see that the mass media and modern information and communication tools stand firm on the principles of impartiality and objectiveness in discharging their missions as they play a role of significant importance in the ideological and moral realms of a human being.

But some specific states, under the signboard of “freedom of speech”, make entry into the internal affairs of sovereign states and scheme to disintegrate them from within by misusing different mass media and ICT networks, causing serious concerns among the international society.

On May 8, Vice-President of Venezuela exposed the facts that the Western mass media had enlisted the services of more than 70 million Twitters in their adverse propaganda operations against Venezuela. Prior to this, Venezuelan Foreign Minister condemned the western countries for financing the discontented forces and the press against his government, calling it an undisguised act of interference into the internal affairs of Venezuela.

A few days ago, the Administrator of Hong Kong of China said at the news conference that they would adopt a new law to strike a blow at some mass media for their acts of spreading disinformation and false rumours. And last January, the Cuban League of Journalists also denounced the West for egging private media in Cuba to defame and conduct a sinister propaganda against the revolutionary government.

Then, why are some specific states so much engrossed in such an act?

This stems from the fact that the false propaganda using mass media and modern information and communication tools can obtain desired results in a short period of time even without the loss of armed equipment and human life.

One shot of a bullet kills one solider; but a single item of false information disarms not only a country but the entire world – this is behind their ulterior motive and true intention.

The spread of trumped-up information through the media, internet and social media platforms would result in creating discords between the state and its people and giving a free run to socio-political disturbances and confusion. This would only lead some specific states to justify their moves of interference and aggression by making the above as international issues.

All told, false propaganda campaign against sovereign states is not merely a smear one to impair the image of a certain state, but a prelude to interference into its internal affairs and infringement of its sovereignty.

The so-called “freedom of speech”, their favourite word is also the one for slandering the other as well as the one for conducting anti-state campaign against certain countries at their will.

Now some specific states try to pose themselves as “guardians of freedom” by fabricating information whereby they attempt to make not only some countries but the rest of the world blind fools and hoodwink even the international society.

Owing to the acts of some specific states who are in the habit of ignoring the voices of justice and deceiving others, some countries are misled into taking sides with those countries in their attempts to isolate and stifle the other countries struggling to defend their sovereignties- this is the seriousness of the situation.

A theory based on injustice cannot escape condemnation of all people, and it is only too obvious that a mindset instilled with falsehood can hardly distinguish between justice and injustice.

All the world media and information tools constitute the treasure common to mankind which are entitled to disseminate to the people only truth, justice, morality and civilization. They should not, under any circumstances, serve as a medium which triggers off antagonism and jealousy, and confrontation and violence.

Those specific states should no longer misuse the media and the ICT networks as the main space of disinformation propaganda and a leverage for interference and blackmail as those media and networks should speak for justice and conscience of international society and make a genuine contribution to civilization of mankind.

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