Dance Turning Round Decorative Tassels on Cap

The dance turning round decorative tassels on cap is a distinctive one performed by men in traditional peasant dance peculiar to Korea.

A folk dance performed to the tune of farm music since olden times, the peasant dance is an optimistic, interesting and popular one of strong national tinge.

Its movements are virile since the peasant dance was the play of men and the main thing here is the dance turning round decorative tassels.

The basic movement of the dance, turning round decorative tassels is a stunt of revolving pheasant feather which has been hung at the top of a soldier’s felt hat or glued the long white paper piece to it like a toy pinwheel.

There are dozens of main movements in turning round decorative tassels.

It adds further thrill to the Korean folk art when the dancer draws different shapes by turning the 12 metre-long decorative tassels as he moves round the stage.

According to the kinds of decorative tassels, the dance is classified into small, large and feather tassel ones. There are nimble and diverse skills such as turning outside decorative tassels on a cap, that of inside ones, that of both ones, that of lightning ones, and left and right strikes.

The dance shows the well-knit collective harmony of rhythms since several dancers simultaneously revolve the same or various decorative tassels on caps.

The big tassel turning dance depicts different fortes as one or two dancers turn the 12 metre-long decorative tassels.

As dancers revolve such light cloth string as feather after tying it on top of a soldier’s felt hat, the feather tassel turning dance gives a soft and delicate rhythmic sense.

The dance shows the optimistic life sentiments of the Korean people as dancers perform as they lightly turn decorative tassels on a cap by naturally harmonizing the expansion and contraction of legs and moving their necks to the tune of delightful and diverse farm music.

The techniques peculiar to the dance are newly being developed and enriched.

Today, the dance is performed as a massive, popular one at national events or year-end payment places on cooperative farms and an important number of artistic performance and mass gymnastics.

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