Economic Development & Construction

Third-stage Project for Remodeling Samjiyon City Pushed forward as Planned

The third-stage project for remodeling Samjiyon City is being pushed ahead as planned.

In April builders removed hundreds of blocks of old buildings, followed by ground concrete tamping and framework construction for new buildings. They also built bases for producing materials needed for the construction by their own efforts.

All the construction units apply various forms and methods in their efforts to increase the speed and quality of the project with practical and effective construction methods.

Officials and builders took measures to ensure the provision of building materials with locally available raw materials and laid a well-regulated production foundation.

There took place the exhibition of home-made finishing building materials, tools and inventions and the effective ceremony of putting vehicles in service for rapid application of the successes of technical innovation and experiences gained in the course of the project. Therefore, the campaigns in which one overtakes and learns from others and swaps experiences with each other are underway to lay material and technical foundations.

Construction units carefully worked out labor organization and assignment of work for each construction project and process, and ensured the timely supply of materials to fulfill the tasks of the construction on a high qualitative level.

The units in charge of transmission line and power distribution project are making efforts to implement new goals in the wake of carrying out detailed survey of their work area and finishing the rezoning of the most part of the area.

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