High Estimation

A lot of minor power stations are under construction in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with many rivers and streams.

One day in May Juche 108 (2019), the respected Kim Jong Un visited Unit 2 of the Kumyagang Power Station.

The power station was built by making use of the favourable natural and geographical conditions of Kumya County in South Hamgyong Province. It is a minor power station with great profitability which can produce electricity even in the dry season as it has rich source of water.

Unit 2 of the Kumyagang Power Station proved the validity of our party policy on developing the local economy and improving the people’s living by making an effective use of the natural and economic conditions of the regions concerned in keeping with their actual conditions.

That day Kim Jong Un highly appreciated the feats of the people in the county, saying it is a praiseworthy success that they decided to normalize the electric power generation by building a power station by themselves according to the characteristics of their locality.

He went on to say: It is appropriate in scale as minor power station. What I like is that the power station was built in a profitable way on the basis of good calculation to make an effective use of the water resources.

Making the precious wealth which can improve the livelihood of the county, the local people deeply felt once again the truth that they can lead a happy life when they display the spirit of self-reliance.

The precious success made in Kumya County showed that all the cities and counties of the country can open a broad avenue for their development by themselves when they hold fast to the strategy of development based on self-reliance suited to their natural and geographical features and conditions.

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