Foreign Affairs

Dishonest Moves to Make a Flash Point for Invasion of the Continent

The Korean Central News Agency released a commentary under the title “Dishonest Moves to Make a Flash Point for Invasion of the Continent”.

The commentary said the Japanese government stipulated Tok Island as an “inalienable territory of Japan” once again in its diplomatic blue book 2021, and continued:

It can never be pardoned as a prolongation of the tenacious and deep-rooted moves of the Japanese reactionaries to grab the territory, which continue century after century.

We have already made clear through many irrefutable historical facts and materials that Tok Island is a sacred land of the Korean nation nobody dares to covet. The international community also recognizes that Tok Island is an inalienable territory of Korea.

Japan, however, is still claiming the “dominium over Tok Island” whose scientific accuracy and legality cannot be proved not only from the geographical and historical point of view but also from the legal point of view. Lurking behind it is the ulterior intention of Japan to create a belligerent atmosphere of “territorial recovery” throughout the country with preposterous preachment that “Tok Island belongs to Japan” and “Tok Island had been illegally seized” and further accelerate its militarization and make a legitimate pretext for reinvasion of the continent.

Tok Island is an inseparable sacred territory of the Korean nation which was recognized historically and by international law. It is a firm will of the Korean fellow countrymen not to tolerate any attempt to dare change such stark reality but to resist it with merciless countermeasures.

Japan must ponder over the catastrophic aftermath to be entailed by its anachronistic ambition for seizing territory, the commentary stressed.

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