National Fine Art Exhibition of Budding Artists Opens

A national fine art exhibition of budding artists opened at the Okryu Exhibition House in Pyongyang on the 11th on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the publication of the famous work of the respected Kim Jong Un “Let Us Usher in a New Heyday of the Juche-Oriented Art and Literature as Demanded by the Times and the Developing Revolution”.

Seen in the exhibition hall is his picture “The respected Kim Jong Un on Mt. Paektu, the Sacred Mountain of Revolution”.

Present at the opening ceremony were officials concerned, and officials and artists of the art creation units.

Minister of Culture Sung Jong Gyu made an opening address.

After the ceremony, the participants looked round the exhibition hall.

Presented to the exhibition were more than 230 art works created by budding artists across the country including the oil painting “Mt. Paektu”, the acrylic painting “Road of March to Mt. Paektu”, the Korean painting “Overfulfillment” and the sculpture “With Our Own Technology”.

A technical course for the budding artists and presentation of experiences of creators will be given during the exhibition.

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