Historical Relics Repaired Throughout Country

In April, the month for the protection of national heritage, legacies of the nation were inspected and repaired across the country.

“The outward appearance of disappeared national legacies can be restored, but the perfect restoration of their historical value is impossible. Therefore, to preserve national heritage in their original state is a very responsible and important undertaking and, at the same time, it takes on a protracted character. Our country set every April and November as the months for the protection of national heritage and develops the undertaking into a nationwide and all-people campaign,” said Ro Chol Su, deputy department director of the Ministry of Culture.

Pyongyang carried out the repair of dozens of old buildings, including the Ryonwang Pavilion, and over 380 other historical sites in April.

Kaesong, with many historical sites, conducted scientific survey of walled city of Kaesong and other heritage elements, while repairing such historical buildings as the Sungyang Confucian School.

Sangwon County repainted some ten objects including the Komunmoru Site which shows that Korea is one of the cradles of human civilization.

Besides, North Phyongan, South Hwanghae, Kangwon and other provinces across the country took proactive measures for protecting historical relics while repairing them.

The National Authority for the Protection of Cultural Heritage carried out some work to put the preservation and management of remains on a scientific footing on the basis of overall working survey of legacies which are kept in history museums of each province.

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