Dances Symbolizing Korean Dancing Art

From “Azaleas of the Homeland”

Recorded in the DPRK’s history of the Juche-oriented dancing art are four major dances favored by the Korean people.

They are “Snow Falls”, “Azaleas of the Homeland”, “Rich Apple Harvest” and “Winnowing Dance”, typical masterpieces symbolizing the DPRK’s dancing art which were created under the guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Clarifying that short piece of dance is a form suitable for depicting human life, the Chairman saw to it that model works were wonderfully created to effect a revolutionary turn in the production of dance works.

From “Snow Falls”

Under his special interest and detailed guidance, dance “Snow Falls” could be put on the stage of music and dance performance in April Juche 56 (1967) to herald the start of the creation of model dance works. Through the perfect depiction ranging from the dance movements with the Korean manners of dancing as the main to stage backgrounds and background music, this dance work impressively showed the firm faith in the victory of revolution and the steadfast spirit of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army members who had been intensely loyal to President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese revolutionary war.

From “Rich Apple Harvest”

The Chairman also guided the creation of the other three dance works ranging from their titles to dance composition, representation of heroines, stage costumes, props and stage art to complete them into masterpieces of the times with high ideological and artistic value.

Those works became a textbook in creating the masterpieces of dance.

The four dances, which caused a great sensation at home and abroad, are still winning great admiration among audiences.

From “Winnowing Dance”

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