Traditional Medicine Curing Obesity

The metabolism laboratory of the Internal Medicine Hospital under the Koryo Medicine General Hospital is treating obesity by applying traditional medicine.

It developed anti-obesity pills by making extracts of Koryo medicinal substances. They diminish fatty tissues in the human body, improve the complication indices including cholesterol, fatty liver, blood sugar and pressure and have no side effects.

“I was worried that I had not a child due to obesity even after 6 years of marriage. I lost 8 kilograms in weight in two months of treatment in the hospital and became pregnant after three months and gave birth to a son,” said An Chun Ae, 37-year-old resident of Sosong District, Pyongyang.

“I weighed 106 kilograms and had a high blood pressure when I entered the hospital. But now, after a month, my weight fell to 93kg and blood pressure is back to normal,” said Pak Jong Sim, 56-year-old in-patient of the hospital from Upsong-dong of Kanggye City, Jagang Province.

“The doctors at the metabolism lab are ‘wizards’,” she added.

The research team led by Ri Ran Hui, head of the lab, has conducted research on the treatment of obesity with traditional medicines for decades.

“A new medicine can be developed only when painstaking efforts, ample knowledge and practical experience are combined. Perseverance and conscience of developer are the most important of all, I think,” said Ri.

She and other developers conducted clinical tests more than 100 times to fix the effective composition and mixing ratio of medicinal herbs and preparation method.

In general, anti-obesity medicines cause not only average weight loss but nausea, dizziness, insomnia and other mental disorders.

The researchers concentrated on eliminating such side effects in their development of anti-obesity pills.

They also completed a scientific acupuncture and moxibustion therapy helpful in treating obesity.

Case studies show that the combination of anti-obesity pills and electric acupuncture cured over 96% of obesity sufferers.

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