Director of US Affairs Department of DPRK Foriegn Ministry Issues Press Statement

Kwon Jong Gun, Director of the US Affairs Department of the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued a press statement on the 2nd.

The statement said:

Speaking at the Congress for the first time after his inauguration, the US chief executive made a mistake again.
It is what we heard frequently from Americans and as expected that he branded us as a “serious threat” to world security and talked about diplomacy and tough containment.

But, we cannot overlook the fact that he clarified his stand on the DPRK in such a way in his first policy speech.
His remarks clearly represent his will to invariably pursue the hostile policy towards the DPRK adopted for more than half a century.

The US experts themselves comment that this one sentence of his speech shows the orientation and focus of the examination of its DPRK policy.

It is a preposterous sophistry and infringement upon our right to self-defense that the United States which threatened us with desperate hostile policy and constant nuclear blackmail brands our self-defensive nuclear deterrent as a “threat.”

The “diplomacy” the US means is no more than a veil to conceal its hostile acts and “containment” means to threaten us with nukes.

The nuclear war exercise staged by the new US regime aiming at the DPRK clearly showed in practice who threatens whom on the Korean peninsula and definitely proved once again that we must foster strong deterrent to resist the United States.

If the United States attempts to handle the DPRK-US relations still following the untimely and worn-out policy from a viewpoint and stand of the Cold War era, it will face more serious crisis in the near future.

Surely, the US chief executive made a big mistake for the times.

Now that the main purport of the new DPRK policy of the United States has been clearly revealed, we have no alternative but to take corresponding measures and as the time passes by the United States will face very serious situation.

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