His Resolve Mirrored in His Letter

A pupil of the Songrim Primary School in Songrim City named Pak Phyong Il carefully was writing a letter to the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army who impregnably defend the country and the revolution by arms.

He asked his mother abruptly if he would get to receive letters after he joined the KPA in the future.

She was reading his letter. She affectionately looked at him and replied meaningfully that not only she but also her husband and grandparents would send him letters after he entered the KPA.

Pak Phyong Il said in joy that he was very eager to enlist in the KPA as soon as possible.

All his family accepted his precious desire with a smile.

They savored his letter. It reads:

“Because you the soldiers of the Korean People’s Army firmly defend the country we are happy and fully realize our future ambitions. I will study hard and participate in my organizational life exemplarily to be a good soldier of the KPA….”

Not only Pak Phyong Il but also all the other schoolchildren of the whole country make up their minds to emulate the good soldiers of the KPA and be one of them in the future when they address letters to them.

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