Foods Showing Wisdom of Korean Women

The Korean women have developed their unique national cooking culture as they made foods beneficial to health and longevity of humans for a long historical period.

The Korean people obtained a variety of nutrients and calories from polished rice and other boiled cereals, while having amino acids from soybean paste or pickles, and supplemented vitamin C, iron and others by taking kimchi along with them.

The Korean kimchi, known as a world’s health food among national dishes, clearly showcases the intelligence of the Korean women.

They mostly prepared kimchi for winter as a subsidiary food as it is difficult to get fresh vegetables.

They made kimchi with unique taste by mixing raw materials (bok choy and radish) with seasoning, fish, pickles and fruit according to the taste of local areas, families and individuals.

They also used soya beans in their dietary life.

They succeeded in gaining nutrients that could only be taken through meat by developing processed bean products, prepared various sauces with beans to develop them into a favourite food of the Korean nation and made bean curd, bean sprouts and boiled ground bean.

With a deep understanding that water promotes human metabolism and is beneficial to health, they developed such foods containing much water as cold noodles, fish porridge, mullet soup, watery radish kimchi and samgyethang, or chicken boiled with insam.

And they made foods of edible greens by using the original tastes and pharmacological action of edible herbs while bringing out beef entrails soup, shank soup, steamed pork hoof, steamed beef springing with radish, pork sausage and pig-head aspic which make the most use of domestic animal meat.

Such national foods are now being further developed and enriched.

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