75 Years of the Youth League

75 years has passed since the youth league was formed in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

In those days, the Korean young people won fame as masters of the dignified youth power and creators of the myth of heroic youth. A lot of grand monumental creations, cooperative fields, factories and construction sites are associated with their precious sweat and efforts.

The young people could perform their mission as the most vital detachment of the society, which is unthinkable apart from the wise guidance of the great leader Kim Il Sung.

Han Sung Gwang, Vice-Curator of the Youth Movement Museum, says:

“In the first half of the 20th century the Korean people had to live as ruined nation under the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists for more than 40 years. But they could be liberated on August 15, 1945 along with the victory of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle organized and led by the great leader Kim Il Sung.

In the period, however, the actual conditions of the youth organizations of Korea were very lamentable. Youth organizations with different names had been formed and active dispersively.

Deeply seeing through the obstacle in the way of the youth movement, Kim Il Sung advanced the slogan ‘Patriotic young people, unite under the banner of democracy!’. On its basis, he declared the formation of the Democratic Youth League, the only youth organization, involving broad young people, on January 17, 1946.

The formation of the Democratic Youth League made it possible to rally the young people of broad stripes around the youth organization and rouse them to build a new society.”

Since the historic day, the Korean youth movement has been able to cover the road of victory and glory over the 75 years.

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