Unhasu Products Recommended to Youth and Beauty Seekers

Dry wind is frequent in spring and more and more women seek functional cosmetics.

“Basic cosmetics are much sought after by women in this season as they have great moisturizing and whitening effects,” said Ryang Myong Ho, researcher of the cosmetics research institute of the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory.

Its skin cell growth-promoting cosmetic products comprising a lotion and two kinds of cream enjoy great popularity among middle-aged and old women.

“The main ingredient of the cosmetics is a cell growth-promoting agent made by applying bioengineering technology and nanotechnology,” said section chief Kim Jong Hui.

According to their developers, they have outstanding ageing-retarding effects as compared to ordinary beauty products.

They constantly maintain skin gloss and elasticity, remove blotches and freckles, root out senile plaque and pigmentation and make horny layer smooth to reduce wrinkles.

“Blotches began to appear on my face as I got on in years. But they started to diminish 15 days after I set about applying the cosmetics,” said O Sun Hui, 48-year-old woman living in Ryonghung-dong No. 3, Taesong District, Pyongyang.

Multifunctional cosmetics with pronounced whitening, moisturizing, nourishing and ageing-retarding effects and those for retarding ageing can be said to represent the factory.

Such Unhasu-brand products are characterized by the use of renowned Kaesong Koryo insam.

Kaesong Koryo insam contains in a harmonious balance the saponin with strong moisturizing and function-reinforcing effects, microelements, vitamin B complex, vitamin C and other substances.

By extracting such valid elements through the application of advanced technology and adding to them various functional materials with outstanding ageing-retarding and skin-nourishing effects, the factory developed skin-protecting cosmetics for all types of skins, aloe moisturizing cosmetics good for dry skin, ageing-retarding cosmetics classified by age groups, serum cosmetics containing in high concentration the valid elements good for moisturizing, whitening and retarding ageing, and healthcare and hair-smartening cosmetics.

Several years ago, 25 kinds of Unhasu functional cosmetics won quality certification from the Eurasian Economic Union, an influential regional economic organization in Asia and Europe.

“Our factory pursues a business strategy of developing natural, less stimulative and functional cosmetics and others which produce no harmful but good effects on skin. Our Unhasu products promise women youth and beauty,” said chief engineer Kang Min Sim.

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