Sonjin Information Market in the Grand People’s Study House

The Grand People’s Study House is in the centre of the capital city Pyongyang.

The study house was inaugurated in April Juche 71 (1982). It has more than 20 reading rooms with 6,000 seats, over 10 lecture rooms, several question-and-answer rooms and music appreciation rooms around the stacks which can keep many volumes. There are modern educational equipment in the lecture rooms.

The Grand People’s Study House has provided ideal conditions for study to the people from all walks of life for nearly 40 years. There is also the Sonjin Information Market.

The market introduces and disseminates science and technology, knowledge of the economy and culture and IT goods in line with the demand of the developing reality.

The market has a mission to strengthen cooperation and exchange through the new valuable inventions and conceptions on display and economic and cultural information and make the new sci-tech successes rapidly contribute to the economic development of the country and the improvement of the people’s livelihood.

Displayed in the market are lots of technologies and devices invented by individuals as well as institutions and enterprises in this country.

Great is the people’s zeal to present their intellectual creations to the market. The popularity of the market is growing day by day since the values of the inventions and new technologies are estimated and recognized by people.

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