“Conscription System”, Past Crime Done by Japan against Korean Nation

During their military occupation of Korea in the last century, the Japanese imperialists had committed lots of crimes against the Korean nation.

In the period, they forcibly drafted many young and middle-aged Koreans to drive them to the battlefields by cooking up such evil laws as “conscription ordinance”, “ordinance on the special volunteers for the army” and “ordinance on student soldiers”.

The same is true of a “conscription system” enforced in April 1944 to conscript more Korean youths.

In May 1942 when he keenly felt the lack of troops along with prolongation of the Pacific War, Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo devised a government decision on enforcing a “conscription system” for the army in a bid to mobilize Koreans as cannon fodder. Thus, many young and middle-aged Koreans were taken away to the battlefields of war, launched by the Japanese imperialists, under the harsh “conscription system” that allowed the use of government and military power and various methods involving appeasement, deception and violence in Korea.

Those Koreans, drafted into different branches of arms under the Japanese imperialist aggression army, had to undergo the indescribably cruel and brutal maltreatment as well as racial discrimination and even genocide just before Japan’s defeat.

According to even the underreporting made by Japan after its defeat, the number of Koreans drafted into its army and navy was more than 364,000, and 122,000 of them lost their lives.

Japan’s past deeds committed against the Korean nation, indeed, are a wanton unethical human rights violation that could be done only by the samurais inveterately wedded to extreme racism and chauvinism, and a hideous war crime unprecedented in human history.

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