Palace for Children

A children’s camp is in Songdowon, a scenic spot on the East Sea of Korea. First camping began in the camp 61 years ago.

When he visited the Songdowon International Children’s Camp in May Juche 102 (2013), the respected Kim Jong Un proposed rebuilding it wonderfully and gave a specific orientation and ways to rebuild it.

This is how the reconstruction project of the camp began in November that year.

In February the following year Kim Jong Un visited the camp under reconstruction and looked round different places to learn about the reconstruction in detail.

He said it is necessary to build the camp on the highest level lest the children should feel any inconveniences in their camping and added that there is nothing to spare for the children, the precious treasures of the country.

Under his utmost concern, the reconstruction project was finished in six months.

In April Juche 103 (2014) Kim Jong Un called at the Songdowon International Children’s Camp before its inauguration.

Looking round for a long while different places of the camp which was completely face-lifted, he said he really liked it.

When he went to the new outdoor playground, he said the synthetic grass, spectators’ seats and wave-style blue roof are in good harmony, which is literally like a beautiful picture and an art work. Looking at the peculiar aquarium and aviary, he said with pleasure that the children would like them. He also said with satisfaction that the public welfare facilities as well as the bedrooms, dining hall and kitchen suit the children’s feelings.

He continued: There were obstacles and difficulties in rebuilding the camp. But we feel a pride of hard labour. When we work hard for one year, the country will make a 10-year progress. So we make a revolution.

That day, he called for giving good finishing touches to the project and holding a grand inaugural ceremony to fill the camp with happy laughter and songs of children.

On May 2, Juche 103 (2014) the inaugural ceremony of the Songdowon International Children’s Camp was held in the presence of Kim Jong Un.

Afterwards, too, Kim Jong Un visited the camp again to see the steep water slide which was newly built at the outdoor wading pool.

The Songdowon International Children’s Camp could be wonderfully built into a palace for children under the guidance of Kim Jong Un who visited it five times in a little over a year and thanks to the endless love of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

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