Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work Intensified in DPRK

Emergency anti-epidemic units at all levels in the DPRK are further intensifying emergency anti-epidemic work to cope with the world health crisis, bearing in mind that slackening anti-epidemic work even a moment will put the wellbeing of the country and the people at irrecoverable risk.

Officials of the central emergency anti-epidemic agency are taking advance measures to ensure that all units reinforce the anti-epidemic walls and strictly observe emergency anti-epidemic rules and orders.

Information services help the people take an active part in blocking the inroads of virulent virus, and deep attention let factories and enterprises disinfect the office rooms, working sites, equipment and raw and other materials in a responsible way.

Especially, the units in the fishing sector are making sure that the officials enhance their responsibility to observe the emergency anti-epidemic rules.

Institutions for preventive and curative medical care and hygienic and anti-epidemic organs put emphasis on medical examination in units and of inhabitants under their charge and on preventing various kinds of diseases.

Relevant units in charge of construction projects put up the visual aids for hygienic information service and notice boards of anti-epidemic rules to raise the anti-epidemic atmosphere.

The emergency anti-epidemic units across the country urge the members of the major anti-epidemic posts to strictly disinfect passers-by and vehicles.

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