Pair of Red-Crested Pochards Observed in DPRK

Recently, a pair of red-crested pochards (Netta rufina), known to the world as a rare bird, was found in the DPRK.

The red-crested pochard lives around Lake Baikal of Russia, western area of China and southern part of Europe.

It passes the winter in southern islets of Japan and southern part of Asia.

A pair of red-crested pochards was observed in the mouth of Namdae Stream in Anbyon County, Kangwon Province, one of important areas of biodiversity in wetlands, in the process of the survey of main wetlands in the spring migratory period of seasonal birds on March 9.

Through the observation, it was confirmed that the rare bird passes the winter in the central east coast of Korea, too.

The discovery of the rare bird proves that ecological environment and biodiversity of the country are suitable for the inhabitation of water birds.

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