Opening Speech Made by Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un at Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries of WPK

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, made an opening address at the Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK.

He said:

The Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK is held when the whole country is seething with the struggle to implement the decisions of the Eighth Party Congress and the Second Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee.

Your duty is very heavy at the time of key importance like the crucial moment for strengthening our Party and developing our revolution. The action programmes and policies advanced by the Party Congress and the Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee will be thoroughly implemented and come to a brilliant result when the Party organizations, Party cells to be concrete, correctly accept them and turn out in the decisive struggle for their implementation.

In the whole Party, cell secretaries are replaced fast and many of them have just begun their work. Under the condition the Party Central Committee intends to meet cell secretaries throughout the Party periodically to discuss the cell work together and give a leading help to them so as to keep strengthening the Party cells.

Stemming from it, the Party Congress stipulated in the Party rules that importance is attached to arming the cell secretaries responsible for the direct combat units of implementing the lines and policies of the Party politically and practically and the conference of cell secretaries is held regularly every five years along with the Party Congress.

In the world there are many Communist Parties and Workers’ Parties. But only the WPK calls the conference of chiefs of the grassroots Party organizations at the lowest echelon regularly, in which the Party Central Committee discusses work with them. Strengthening the whole Party by cementing the grassroots organizations is a unique and original Party-building principle of our Party and its proud tradition.

After the Fifth Conference of Cell Chairpersons there were some successes and many shortcomings in the work to strengthen the Party cells and enhance their role.

Rapidly correcting the shortcomings in the work of the Party cells is an essential process which should be gone through for sound and sustained development of the Party. Only through it, our Party can creditably discharge its mission as the militant staff leading the revolution and construction, rooted deep among the masses.

The cell secretaries are the core of our Party and the standard-bearers of implementing the Party policy and its implementers. This conference will generally analyze and sum up the work of the cell secretaries after the Fifth Conference of Cell Chairpersons and discuss tasks and ways to decisively improve and strengthen the work of the cells at present.

In the issues under discussion and looking back upon your work on the basis of the successes, experiences, shortcomings and lessons in the past, it is important to find out a methodology for definitely transferring the work of the Party cells into the work with the mind of the people, the work with their feelings and firmly rallying the Party cell members and other working people with different characters and levels like members of a family.

Participating in this conference are mainly exemplary cell secretaries working in production sites, Party cell secretaries in different sectors, leading officials of the party committees performing the function similar to that of the Provincial Party Committee, chief Party secretaries of the cities, counties and complexes, and officials concerned of the Party Central Committee–10,000 in all.

Expressing the belief that the current conference would be a significant occasion of further strengthening the foundation of the Party, making our revolutionary ranks more invincible and bringing about an epoch-making progress in the implementation of the decisions of the Party Congress and in socialist construction, Kim Jong Un declared the Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK open.

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